Information Systems

STATE CODE 653E10002
STUDY FIELD Computer science
Information systems
DEGREE AND (OR) PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AWARDED  Professional Bachelor of Computer science
SPECIALIZATIONS Information Security
IT Service Management
STUDY MODE (LENGTH IN YEARS) Full-time studies – 3,5 years
LEARNING OUTCOMES OF STUDY PROGRAMME 1.1. Apply contemporary information search and selection systems using formulated attributes
1.2. Perform an analysis of the different sources of information on specific aspects, assess its credibility, ethically quote.
2.1. Be able to study individually and in disciplined way, to improve knowledge and qualifications.
2.2.  Evaluate and adapt to activity and technological change.
2.3. Be able to plan work and ensure its implementation.
3.1. Coordinate own and other team members’ activity to achieve collaborative objective.
3.2. Communicate in national and foreign languages, work in a multicultural environment.
3.3. Think logically, make reasoned decisions.
4.1. Know informatics basic concepts, principles, classification of computer systems, theoretical assumptions related to information systems.
4.2. Know principles of operating systems purposes, performance and safe operation.
4.3. Know principles of data structures and algorithms and apply in software design solutions.
4.4. Analyse the area of an organization activity, prepare information system technical specification and justify it economically.
4.5. Design, realize and test program structures, user interface corresponding information system requirements, by using relative programming tools.
4.6. Know and be able to put in practice IT project management principles.
4.7. Manage implementation, testing and exploitation of an organization information system.
4.8. Manage an organization image and e-services representation in WWW.
5.1. Know principles of data modelling, databases and their management.
5.2. Plan, design and exploit organization databases.
5.3. Plan and manage database implementation and exploitation.
6.1. Know general information system security principles and levels. (specialization – Information Security)
6.2. Know operating systems and computer network security principles, assure their implementation. (specialization – Information Security)
6.3. Perform information system security monitoring, analyse possible security threats, choose suitable security tools based on threats. (specialization – Information Security).
7.1. Know IT services management principles, process management paradigm based on ITIL. (specialization – IT Service Management)
7.2. Know activity process modelling principles, design and analyse activity processes. (specialization – IT Service Management)
7.3. Choose, implement, integrate and exploit IT service and other business management systems. (specialization – IT Service Management)
Full time studies Admission in 2014-2016

Admission in 2017

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Information system Information security graduate will be able to design secure organization information system as well as to apply existing information systems for the needs of an organization, perform their audit, implement and maintain information security incidents research and prevention tools and on demand consult on security questions.

Information systems IT Service Management graduate will be able to design, analyse, choose and implement IT service management systems assuring their correspondence to IT activities, consult clients on IT service questions, perform activity based on ITIL process management good practice.

Social partners: SEB paslaugų teikimo centras, UAB “Dagos technologijos”, UAB BAIP, UAB Alna Software, IBM Lietuva.


STATE CODE 653E10002
FIELD OF STUDIES Technological Sciences
AREA OF STUDIES Informatics Engineering
MODE AND DURATION OF STUDIES Full-time studies – 3,5 years Study plan
Full-time studies are organized:
– Daytime schedule (NL (D)), where the studies are carried out on weekdays,
– Schedule of sessions (NL (S)), where the studies are carried out in sessions
QUALIFICATION DEGREE TO BE AWARDED Professional Bachelor of Informatics Engineering
COMPLETION OF STUDIES WITH Preparation and defence of a final project

The main aim of Information Systems study programme is to prepare up to date graduates who are able to ensure information systems performance in organizations, fulfill systematic analysis of an organization activities, process an organization data and information, propose solutions for information systems modernization on purpose to ensure effective organization activities, prepare and manage information systems development and modernization projects


  • to analyze the area of an organization activity and define the aims of designing information system
  • to formulate the specification of an organization information system
  • to design the project of an organisation information system
  • to manage information system deployment and exploitation
  • to advise and train personnel on information system operation
  • to design and realize program structures, corresponding information system requirements, by using relative programming tools
  • to design and validate the framework of an organization
  • to apply the principles and elements of objective management, design and apply quality management system
  • to mark the logical model objects, their attributes and relationships, evaluate them and select programming environment for realization
  • to plan and manage database implementation and exploitation
  • to design and specify information technology projects
  • to know and be able to put in practice IT project management instructions
  • to evaluate and select computer network and telecommunications technological solutions
  • to manage an organization computer network
  • to substantiate expediency of integration of e-business elements into information system of an organization
  • to design, modify and implement elements of e-business systems and multimedia solutions
  • to manage an organization image representation in WWW
  • to apply contemporary information search and selection systems using formulated attributes
  • to analyze different information sources using particular dimension
  • to independently improve qualification defining competences for improving and using contemporary information technologies
  • to determine what areas of knowledge are required in pursuance of a particular task
  • to choose proper means and methods to apply knowledge
  • to coordinate their and other team members activities to achieve collaborative objective
  • to apply ICT for team work
General College Study Subjects Foreign language (English), Speciality Language, Environmental and Civil Safety, Management, Philosophy,  Sociology, Economics, Law
Study Field Subjects Information Technology, Information Management Basics, Database design, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Computer Graphics, Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Probability Theory and Statistics, Operating Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Networks and Telecommunications, Organizations Communications, Information Systems, Databases and Systems, Hypertext Systems and Internet Technologies, Information Systems Design, Customer Information Management Technologies, Open Source Software, Information Systems Reliability and Testing, Business Management Systems, Project Management, E-Commerce, Course Project
Practicums Information Technology Practices, Information Management Practices, Database and Programing Practices, Information Systems Design Practices, Professional Practices, Final Practices
Optional Subjects History of Culture, German 1, German 2, Entrepreneurship and Active Management, Quality Management, Oratory, Physical Training, Human and Computer Interaction, Software Maintenance and Refinement, Company Internal Audit, Logistics, Business Ethic, Methodologies of Applied Research, Electrotechnics, Finance Accounting Basics

  • design and exploit information systems in organizations
  • plan, organize and manage information service business
  • model and manage an organization information system databases
  • design and manage IT projects
  • design and manage an organization information system computer network
  • apply e-business systems in an organization information system

Graduates will be able to work as IT Project Manager, Enterprise Activities and Information Systems Analyst, Information Systems Designer, Database and Websites Administrator, Company Manager

Updated 20/06/16