Information Systems

STUDY FIELD Computer science
Information systems
DEGREE AND (OR) PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AWARDED  Professional Bachelor of Computer science
SPECIALIZATIONS Information Security
IT Service Management
Financial Technologies
STUDY MODE (LENGTH IN YEARS) Full-time studies – 3,5 years
LEARNING OUTCOMES OF STUDY PROGRAMME 1.1. To know the basic definitions and concepts in the field of informatics, classification of computer, operating and information systems, concepts of data processing algorithms, programs, database mining and design.
1.2. To know the basic concepts of operating systems, computer networks, information management and security, to ensure their implementation.
1.3. To introduce to the management concepts and responsibilities of financial institutions, business organizations and IT services.
2.1. To analyze business activity of an enterprise and prepare technical specifications of information system by applying security insurance, IT project management and finance planning principles.
2.2. To model financial services, IT services, security, business processes with the aim to develop and improve the current information systems.
3.1. To design, realize and test the program structures, databases, internet technologies, interfaces by applying the required software environment and in accordance with a business field and security requirements.
3.2. To manage security implementation, testing and maintenance of information systems, financial and IT services in a company, analyze evolving security threats, apply the necessary security tools to protect the system from the threats.
3.3. To choose, implement, integrate and deploy IT services, fintech technologies and other business management systems in coherence with business field requirements and technological innovations.
4.1. To study and work independently and in a team, keep deadlines, adapt to the changes in terms of technology and business activity, show initiative regarding the business field and take personal responsibility.
4.2. To communicate on topics which refer to the field of business activity in native and foreign languages, work in multicultural environment.
5.1. To apply modern information search request systems, perform analysis of various information resources, assess their reliability, ethically cite.
5.2. To use logical operations and operation research methods to make decisions and provide with arguments.
Full time studies Full-time study plan

General college study field subjects:
Foreign Language (English), Specialty Language, Mathematics, Management, Professional Foreign Language (English), Philosophy / Sociology, Environmental and Civil Safety.

Compulsory study field subjects:
Informatics Introduction, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture and Networks, Algorithms and Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Graphics, Object-oriented Programming, Database Design, Probability Theory and Statistics, Datamining.

Specialty subjects:
Information Management Basics, Information Systems and Security, Information System Design and Integration, Databases and Systems, Internet Technology, Project management, Information System Testing.

Information Security specialization:
IT Service Management, Information systems Security, Cyber Incidents and Research Methods, Information System Audit, Information Security Management and Risk Administration, Professional Practice, Final Practice, Final Project.

IT Service Management Specialization:
IT Service Management, Activity Process Modelling, Business Management Systems, E-marketing, IT Services, Professional Practice, Final Practice, Final Project.

Financial Technologies Specialization:
Financial Services Business Models, Information Systems Security, Banking, Financial Innovation, Financial Management Systems, Professional Practice, Final Practice, Final Project.

Optional courses:
The student selects specialization and have the opportunity to choose the 3 optional subjects.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Information system Information security graduate will be able to design secure organization information system as well as to apply existing information systems for the needs of an organization, perform their audit, implement and maintain information security incidents research and prevention tools and on demand consult on security questions.

Information systems IT Service Management graduate will be able to design, analyze, choose and implement IT service management systems assuring their correspondence to IT activities, consult clients on IT service questions, perform activity based on ITIL process management good practice.

Information systems Financial Technologies graduates will be able to design, develop and maintain financial information systems in coherence with information services and security requirements provided by a financial organization, apply conventional and innovative fintech technologies by designing electronic financial services.

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Updated 04/03/21