Social partners

Strategic partners of Faculty of Electronics and Informatics

Ltd. „Baltnetos komunikacijos“
The biggest cloud computing services provider and one of the leading companies in providing information technology and data transmission services in Lithuania, operating since 1996.

Corporate group „Blue bridge“
Blue Bridge Group combine the different IT competencies within a single corporate family. Each company in the group develops specialised competencies in great depth and subtlety, creating its own highly professional IT profile.

Ltd. „8 Devices”
Concentrate on IoE (Internet of Everything) products and projects based on Qualcomm chipsets for commercial and industrial applications.

Ltd. “NRD Cyber Security”
The company’s activities aim to create a safe digital environment for countries, governments, businesses and residents.

The International Business College Mitrovica
Provide academic excellence through the “theory to practice” model enabling students to gain knowledge and skills for the 21st century to drive the development in Kosovo, the region and the global community.

Jsc. „SEB Bankas“
Put effort to positively shape the future with responsible advice and capital. Today and for generations to come.

Corporate group „Teltonika“
Long-standing experience, reliable supply chain, highest technology process models stand for ability to produce millions of IoT devices to their clients.

Building a digital future – global, ambitious and unapologetically geeky about technology.