The museum, which belongs to the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics, was established in 2015 while celebrating 60th anniversary of Faculty. Until 1991 it was known as Vilnius Technical School of Electromechanics (later Vilnius Technical School of Electronics), which was an independent educational institution during soviet times.

The museum of the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics is special and stands out of other technical museums due to exhibits, which are related to everyday-life of the Faculty and were used many years ago. The exhibition contains such old equipment as a disc phone, which at that time stood in the office of the first Dean of the Vilnius Technical School of Electromechanics, Laboratory Resistors set, produced in 1956 and used in the Laboratory of Physics while doing experiments or a unique Power PC computer, which was obtained at the end of the nineties as a support for the progressing Lithuanian science. Some vintage equipment are related to the lecturers, who worked in the Faculty as well as historic events such as radio receiver used on the „Baltic Way“ and the lamp of the Sitkūnai radio station, which contributed to spread the word of freedom in the fateful year of 1991 for Lithuania.

The collection of museums‘ vintage equipment is divided into these groups: measurement, communication, radio, audio, video and computer techniques – this reflects the study programs taught in the past and how they developed until these days.

We kindly invite you to join the virtual trip through the museum, which contains the history of our Faculty. We also invite you to choose to study at the faculty of Electronics and Informatics – here you will have the opportunity to improve your skills in modern laboratories, where you will evaluate the progress of technical development.