Exchange Studies

Courses in English

Subjects in the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics, Autumn semester 2019

Software Engineering Programme
Course title ECTS Credits
Professional English 6
Speciality Language 3
Mathematics 6
Operating Systems 6
Structured Programming 6
Introduction to Informatics 3
Management 3
Business Management Systems 3
Database design 6
Information Systems 3
Methods of Computation and Optimization 6
Object-Oriented Programming 6
Second Programming Practice 3

Subjects in the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics, Spring semester 2020

Software Engineering Programme
Course title ECTS Credits
Algorithms and Data Structures  6
Human and Environmental Safety 3
Discrete Mathematics 3
Computer Graphics 6
First Programming practice 3
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics 3
Human-Computer Interaction 6
Web Services 6
Computers and Networks 6
Database Practice 3
Information Security 6
Law 3
Multithreaded Programming 3
Sociology 3

Application Procedure

The applications should be filled in electronically, printed out, signed and posted to us complete, including Application Form and the Leaning Agreement. Learning Agreement have to be filled in, stamped and signed by both the university and the student.

After receiving the Application Form and Learning Agreement, students will receive a letter of enrollment.

To assure that all Erasmus students are registered in time, The Application Form has to be sent to our International Office before our deadlines. Applications can only be accepted from students of our partner institutions.

The deadlines for admission are:
Autumn Semester: 31st May.
Spring Semester: 30th November.

Academic Calendar:
Autumn Semester: 1st September, 2017 – 31st January, 2018
Spring Semester: 1st February, 2018 – 30th June, 2018

All documents to fill up you can find here.