On February 14-18, lecturers from the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics – dr. Svetlana Kubilinskienė and Valdona Judickaitė-Žukovskė participated in trainings at the University of Patras (Greece) under the ERASMUS+ project “Educational Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Students with Disabilities through Digital Solutions and Assistive Technologies (EESI-DIGI)”. The project participants are partners from 5 countries: Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Italy and Spain. The aim of the project is to create learning modules for university students and employees with disabilities to develop digital competencies.

During the meetings, a practical guide prepared by all project partners was presented to identify the needs of people with disabilities and, using technological achievements, to help them in everyday life, by engaging in social activities and seeking greater opportunities.

During the visit, the project participants were presented with the Patras University Library and information technologies for students with disabilities, as well as the design template for training modules.