November 28th at the Faculty, lectures were given to students by Mr. Enrique Hernández-Balaguera, a lecturer at Ray Juan Carlos University in Spain, who was visiting Vilnius University of Applied Sciences under the Erasmus+ teaching mobility program.

For first-year students of the study programs in Electronic engineering and Computer engineering, the guest gave lectures on the topic „From basic electrical concepts to equivalent circuits that models physical phenomena“.

Mr. Enrique Hernández-Balaguera revealed the theoretical foundations of circuits with active, inductive and capacitive resistances and the transition processes in them under the influence of direct and alternating electric current. During the lectures, the application of such circuits in medical equipment was presented and thoroughly explained, for example, in a human resuscitation device – a defibrillator, a transcranial magnetic brain stimulator, as well as photovoltaic solar cells, electrochemical studies of substances and monitoring the physiological state of cells.

Most of the examples of the application of the discussed circuits were based on the scientific research conducted by the lecturer himself, published in world-famous scientific publications.