18 November 2022 The Ambassador of Ukraine to Lithuania, Petro Beshta, presented the Dean of the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics, Dr. Romanas Tumasonis, with the Medal of the “Honorary Volunteer” and the thanks of the Poltava Municipality for his support for the people of Poltava region.

We share the dean’s story and gratitude to colleagues from VIKO, companies and organizations that contributed to the provision of support to Poltava region (Ukraine).

 “It all started when my old friend Petro Kraisvitnyj from Ukraine, a member of the Administrative Council of the Poltava region, approached me with a request to help the children of the Poltava region. They were sorely lacking in computer network equipment so that during the bombing, when children were hiding in hiding places, the educational process could take place incessantly. There was a great need for network switches and routers. It was the very time of the summer holidays – the month of August. It was hard to promise something, but I said I would try. First of all, I turned to friends and colleagues. The first to respond was Arvydas Žiliukas, Director of the Information Technology Department of KTU – grateful to him! The first shipments appeared. When the year of studies began, we contacted the Vilnius college community and received a response. I would especially like to thank the Dean of the Faculty of Health Care Birutė Gostevičienė and the entire SPF community. The shipment was on the rise. Students also responded, who just called and asked where to bring the necessary equipment. Thanks to them! A huge amount of work was done by dr. Lina Bivainienė, head of the Public Relations Department of our College. At her invitation, “Splius”, a company that provides smart TV and fiber-optic Internet services, donated a lot of the necessary computer network equipment. Then another job awaited – all the collected equipment had to be transported to the Poltava region. This task, too, was coped with. I thank UAB “Nevda” and the international charity and support foundation “Pagalbos Sparnas”, with the help of which our parcel reached its destination.

The need for equipment was great and it seemed to us that what we managed to collect for friends in Ukraine would not be enough to realize their aspirations. How great was my surprise when Petro called me and expressed great gratitude for the equipment he received. With its help, the goal was as realized not only to provide internet communication to schools in the Poltava region, but also to technically combine all the rescue services in the area into one common network.

Often we ask ourselves the question – and what can I do on my own? This is a perfect example of the fact that the contribution of each person, even a small one combined, gives significant results and helps the Ukrainian people to overcome the difficulties caused by the aggressor.”