State institution „Invest Lithuania” together with the association „Investors’ Forum” implements „Investors‘ Spotlight” project to encourage cooperation of business and science and popularize relevant educational programmes for foreign investors.

For the fifth year in a row, the „Investor’s Spotlight” project has awarded quality labels to as many as 8 engineering and IT study programmes. Among the winners there are the study programmes of five Lithuanian higher education institutions, we appreciate that the study programme of Electronics Engineering at the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics is between the leaders!

The quality label guarantee that the study programme of Electronics Engineering appropriates the market’s demands! The Faculty’s social partner „EKSMA Optics” the Director Dainius Tumosa participated in the review and has graduates of this study programme among his employees and is happy with their professionalism. In the course of preparing the improvement plan of the study programme, it turned out that Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences, in turn, had already planned a number of proposed changes, so the check only confirmed that they were on the right track. „The Electronics Engineering programme fully meets the needs of the labour market. The study programme is designed so that students acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge. And this is extremely important and valued in companies engaged in production activities. I am sure that studying in this programme will be interesting and useful for any curious graduate interested in electronics construction” – said Dainius Tumosa, the Director of „EKSMA Optics”.

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