On June 13 – 15 th, Dean of the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics dr. Romanas Tumasonis participated in  the CDIO (Conceiving – Designing – Implementing – Operating) conference of the global education initiative, held at the University of Reykjavik, Iceland. There were representatives from Sweden, Finland, Hong Kong, Canada and other countries. The theme of the 18th International Conference was Surviving and Thriving to improve the innovative model of training engineers of the future. The conference covered the following topics: covid-19 forced remote teaching and university education after it, sustainable development in engineering education, quality assurance in electronics-ICT engineering education, evaluation of immersive project-based learning experiences, enhancing interaction with external stakeholders in program management, CDIO Program 3.0, an updated set of goals for the training of future engineers, was also presented to the conference participants.

During the conference, friendly relations were established with the hosts of the conference – the University of Reykjavik, whose representatives will be honored to see at the International Staff Training and Teaching Weeks organized by Vilnius University of Applied Sciences.

Vilnius University of Applied Sciences has been a member of the CDIO initiative since 2012, and is represented by the CDIO at the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics.