Dear Readers, this interview was prepared for Your attention for one reason: to be closer with You in this difficult time of division. You will accept that stories bring us together, untold stories keep us apart.

It is redundant to please You, Dear Ia Mosashvili (Associate Professor from Kutaisi International University School of Computer Science, Sakartvelo), to answer: do You assume that internationalization is an important aspect for academic society because You are the participant of remote International Teaching Week at Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences. Anyway, did this perception lead You all the time?
Ia Mosashvili:
certainly! Of course, I am kidding: no, no. As humans we don’t like reforms, and I am not an exception. Moreover, I had grown up with a comprehension that just in Sakartvelo we have beautiful landscapes, irreplaceable nature views… At age 35 one opportunity was unlocked for me – studies in Germany. In that period I recognized the marvelous state of living the entire world. Anyway, the beginning in Germany hasn’t seemed only as a pleasure, one place of mine wished to postpone everything, but another understood the vital demand to continue the challenge.
Now I am gazing at that time with gratitude, the very first international experience changed me totally.

And what experience have You taken from VIKO International Week?
Ia Mosashvili: students are students, it doesn’t matter where You are teaching. Students from the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics are curious, open, and on the right way! Also, I would like to share my gratitude to Dear Paulius Šakalys who helped me to realize the course for Electronics engineering students perfectly!

On behalf of the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics, I thank You for the knowledge You have shared with our students! Here we can stop a little bit more. Your scientific interest is the design of Binary Counters, but the seminar which You involved in for VIKO was about the community’s ethics. Why did You decide to speak up about the importance to not only share the same air with neighbors but also kindly greet them?
Ia Mosashvili: the reason is very simple, connections are the essence of our universe and we should learn and teach how to be happy and fulfilled. Here is a cornerstone, the question how to do it? The practice shows us plenty of wrong examples (of human interactions); therefore I decided to touch in my teaching more broad aspects of our mundane life to help my students be better adapted for challenges at the working placements.

I agree with You 100 proc. So, maybe You can share with us some essential aspects which we need to implement for creation a better working environment?
Ia Mosashvili: certainly! I can define five things: to care for respectable connections between employees at a resemble level (it helps to follow the company’s goal). Secondly, there should be discovered the specific and the most optimal strategy of time management. The next one is the care of working space safety. Appropriate communication between workers and managers, and following the existing community’s rules are the last two points.

Exist the opinion what rules are the obstacles which deny creativity, don’t You think so?
Ia Mosashvili: to be honest, I have the opposite attitude. The rules are the necessary background for freedom.

And thanks to this freedom, we can elaborate on this interview. The last point which cannot be avoided is greetings.
Ia Mosashvili: I will be really happy if my best greetings might be found by Dear Elvyra Leskauskaitė, who is the reason for our long and coherent institutional collaboration!

No doubt! Dear Ia Mosashvili, my appreciation for this wonderful hour, however, I have forgotten that between us exist 2927 km distance. Thank You so much!

In addition, we would like to leave our readers with the hypothesis: what if the highest wall between each of us is the lack of modesty? Can we imagine life without such great expectations? May we challenge ourselves to turn us into the abundance of love and respect?
Good news: we could start our lives over, anytime and anywhere!