We continue our work in project called Knowledge Alliance of Business Idea Assessment: Digital Approach. We have created two projects, so far. First one is KABADA Tool client-side (front-end) and the second one is server-side (backend).

In the client side we have created user login/registration forms and business plan input form:

  • business plan title;
  • category (using NACE classifiers);
  • country;
  • diplay EUROSTAT data.

In the server side we have created end points for data exchange between client side and the database server. Also, added server security protocols against unauthorized access to the data.

Currently, we are doing research on the best tools to implement AI to KABADA system. We have prepared the template to display data taken from EUROSTAT and now, we are waiting other partners to prepare the list of databases (datasets) to download data from and identifiers – the downloadable data, so we could fully implement the „display of EUROSTAT“ data part.

More read about this project: https://kabada.eu/

Project Development team
Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences
Software Development Department