Words are a pretext.
It is the inner bond that draws one person
To another, not words.
Rumi, the poet


The second time, in Spring, in the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics has been organized Students‘ creativeness comics‘ competition „Misconceptions“, dedicated to the English language (at the United Nations). Students’ works have been estimated by these criteria: creativeness, the ability to use programming systems, artistic showiness, and the expression of an idea.

In this year the Students‘ creativeness comics’ competition was running on 1-23 of April and sixty-five Faculty’s Students’ were participated. The works of participants of the competition were assessed by commission: associate professor, dr. Loreta Savulionienė, lect. Orūnė Gibavičienė, lect. Milda Kiškytė, lect. Dalė Neverbickaitė and also the second year student Ervin Zacharevič.

We are kindly thankful to all creators for the effort and honestly, congratulations who gave their best shots: the competition’s laureate Dainoras Žiukas, the second-place winner Emilis Margevičius and the third-place winner Deividas Kvietkauskas. The competition’s organizers kindly invite Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences community to get acquainted with Students’ comics’!