Dear Students,

As you may know, due to the coronavirus threat nationwide quarantine regime is effective from in all Lithuania from 16 March 00:00 until 30 March, 24:00. Most of the organisations transferred their activities to the online forms. Starting March 16 until March 30 studies and most of other activities at Vilniaus Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences will be conducted online only. More:

According to our info, some of you continue your studies/placements abroad, some of you returned home.

To remind that persons who have returned from foreign countries shall fall subject to 14 days isolation.

In any case please stay in contact with your departmental coordinator as well as with IRO (Kristina,

If you remain abroad, we repeatedly suggest to contact LT Embassy – to leave your contact data, even if you are not planning to return. Embassies should know about their countries citizens abroad.

Concerning the financial issues in case of shortening/cancelling your studies/placements – yesterday the LT National Agency announced that all mobilities, which were cancelled or transferred, will be recognized as force majeure. In that case additional costs can be reimbursed after participants present the appropriate documents and prove that those costs cannot be reimbursed from the other financial sources. In all cases the compensation amount cannot exceed the grant amount.

Once again – if you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

Stay calm and take this situation as a challenge. Take care of yourself and others.

Stay safe!