„Education is education, there is neither Eastern nor Western, it is human“ – it was the aim message in the 4ᵀᴴ International Conference and Erasmus+ Staff week „Inclusive Internationalization“ (4-8th of November, 2019) in Ryga‘s Stradina University. In this Staff training week had been participating representatives from Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences The Faculty of Electronics and Informatics Head of the Electronics Department, Assoc. prof. dr. Antoni Kozič and Manager of the Partnership and Projects Department/International Coordinator Santa Mirauskienė.

Internationalization is very important key of education. We could reflect powerful and practical ingredients: net-based education, enhancing the Students experience by focusing on improving Students engagement and also teaching with incorporate playful learning. We should teach the Students everything and help them to identify which path to follow. We hope for a society that will ensure everyone the possibility to belong to some form of Community. Let Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences Students explore, inspire, support and celebrate each other, because we are all connected, we are inclusive, we are all one!